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EARTH'S CREATURES - Please click on thumbnail to see picture.
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A Clydesdale mare and her colt thumbnail cat on chair thumbnail A beautiful long-haired cat standing on a steep slope thumbnail A long-haired kitted with wide open eyes thumbnail Two baby birds ready to leave the nest thumbnail
Three goats on a porch thumbnail A part Bengel kitten thumbnail portrait of a cat CAT in color thumbnail Portrait of a calico cat thumbnail
2 cats playfighting A Cardinal on a snowy branch thumbnail Cardinal Backlit birds on a wire thumbnail A Pug hanging out a window thumbnail
Butterfly and Zinnia thumb Butterfly on Thistle thumbnail Neigh Sayer thumbnail Clydesdale horse thumbnail raccoon thumbnail
Dear Ones thumbnail Four deer standing on railroad tracks thumbnail A horse stealing a carrot thumbnail Deer in a winter scene Deer in a garden of fantastical, huge daffodils
Swallowtail butterfly thumbnail Colw and calf thumbnail 4 ducks marching A snowy scene with a  guinea hen sitting on a fence thumbnail Cat sitting in window frame of barn thumbnail
nesting morning dove thumnail Infrared shot of squirrel in tree thumbnail A sea bird asleep on a rock thumbnail Wild horses in the rain thumbnail ducks swimming in river thumbnail
Portrait of a Golden Eagle_thumbnail Giraffe #2 eating lieaves Giraffe eating leaves thumbnail Deer skeleton in woods #1 thumbnail Duck readying for take off thumbnail
Deer skeleton in woods #3 thumbnail Deer skeleton in woods #2 thumbnail Digital painting  of birds over the ocean thumbnail