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Images may be purchased as prints mounted on Sintra Board and ready to be framed, or on Sintra Board which is mounted on 1 inch thick Cedar (or sometimes Mahogany.) The wood extends approximately 1' bigger than the Sintra Board. See here for an example. Also available - some prints may be mounted on Sintra Board and framed.

Sintra Board is a PVC board that is extremely resistant to heat and moisture. When framed, it needs no glazing.


Blank note-cards of selected prints are also available. Please email for individual or wholesale prices. Note-cards are printed on high quality, acid-free stock and are suitable for framing. Prices for cards: $10 each or 3 for $25. Shipping is additional. Please contact me for more information.


All images are original and the property of and copyrighted by Sheila Caim. No rights are waived or transferred and no images can be reproduced in any form without written permission. However, purchased prints will be signed and will NOT have a copyright notice on the pictures.


Available Sizes:
Note: print size is same as Sintra Board size.

Print Size (inches)
Sintra Board only: Price
Cedar Size / Price
3x5 or 4x5
5x7 / $45
5x7 / $55
6x8 / $65
8x10 / $75
Print Size
Sintra Board Only

CONTACT me for availability, and shipping information.

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