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abstract mixed media paintingFor me, the world is primarily color, shape and texture, often eliciting from me a deep emotional response. In my abstract work, I try to express this world and the emotions I feel using color, shape and texture. I (mostly) leave the representational and realistic art to those wonderful artists who choose to express their relationship to the world that way.

I am certainly aware of the terrors that many of us face in these uncertain times, but I leave it to others to make sure we don't ignore the sad and terrible plights of so many people, animals and the earth itself. My wish is to bring to light, with light, a no less valid though different aspect of existence.

Please call, email or write to me with any comments or questions you may have, or for purchasing information.

Sheila Caim
   P.O. Box 370
San Ignacio, Cayo
Belize, Central America