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PLEASE NOTE: I have moved to Belize, Central America, and won't be doing any more U.S. shows (though I do miss them!) I WILL SHIP TO THE U.S.  

FOR U.S. WORK ONLY, not everything on this site is currently available.

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WELCOME to LightScapes!

My name is Sheila Caim. I live in Belize, Central America, having moved here from West Virginia in 2013. My current work is fine-art photography and digital artistry and also abstract acrylic painting and mixed media works.

Some of the work I created while in the U.S is still available, although in limited sizes. Click here to see possible available print sizes.

Click here to see sizes for my current Central America & Mexico work.

My blank note-cards featuring any of the images on this website are always available. This includes all my digital work as well as prints of my original abstract paintings and collages.

Of course my paintings and mixed media works are originals and so there is only one of each of them available for sale.

My newest digital work consists of prints mounted on pvc board, set on 1 inch thick painted cedar (or mahogany), ready to be hung. See here for samples of what they look like, and here for available sizes and prices.

I invite you to visit the works on my site and hope that you will find something you love.

All Images on this web site are copyrighted by Sheila Caim and may not be used for any purpose without permission.

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Purchased work will be signed and will NOT have a copyright in the image area .

Please Contact me for payment details.

Size and price of original acrylic and mixed media works shown next to its image.